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International Women's Day Card

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Our downloads are all hand drawn by our Founder and Designer - Lara Kocerka.  You will receive a downloadable file to your email or stay on the order complete page after checking out.  You can also find the order in your account with the file.

Single Download vs Unlimited Downloads.  What's the difference?

Single download - You'll receive a single download file. Once you download it the file will expire. If more downloads are needed you'll need to complete another transaction.

Unlimited Downloads - There are no limits to downloads and if you ever happen to lose the file, you can download from your email or from your account right here as long as you created an account.

This printable come with a greeting card - just cut and fold down the center.

Suite includes

Greeting card

Mini greeting cards or hang tags.

All files are formatted and should not be resized for best print quality. For printing instructions see fist page of your download. All artwork and files belong to Declaration & Co. and are not to be resold with out consent.