Introducing... The Locals Hub!

Introducing... The Locals Hub!

We're ringing in the New Year with an all new project taking place at the shop - say hi to The Locals Hub!

After retiring The Homeroom, we wanted a new community-focused experience for everyone to enjoy. 

This holiday season, we had so much fun transforming the space into an experience for y'all. We are excited for the pop culture events, holiday launches and The Locals Hub!

The pop-up portion of our chameleon room, The Locals Hub is going to be our spotlight space for hosting local makers & entrepreneurs!

Created for makers without a physical location, The Locals Hub will be a spot where exciting, new business ideas can be tried and tested.

We've already got a few makers lined up for 2023, so mark those calendars & come out + support your local, small-owned businesses!

Interested in signing up for a potential pop-up spot? Click here!

Foxdoor Market logo

is going to be our first vendor in The Locals Hub, popping up on January 21st & January 22nd! Swing by and say hi while you shop amazing, lovingly sourced antique and vintage goods for home & beyond.

You can find out more about Foxdoor Market here.

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