Basic Shop x The Locals Hub on 4.15 + 4.16

Basic Shop x The Locals Hub on 4.15 + 4.16

We're so excited to welcome our newest addition to The Locals Hub - Basic Shop! 

Basic Shop offers beautiful goods to fill your space, all without the environmental impact. Carefully curated with sustainability & design in mind, Basic Shop offers everything from home accents to everyday essentials, creating a one-stop shop for eco-friendly home goods!

Founding by Andrea Jomant, an Illinois native hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, Andrea & her family moved to St. Augustine in 2019 with her husband & two kids.

With a BFA in Interior Design, Andrea has always loved architecture, design & decor. Her passion for the environment has always been strong, so being able to incorporate sustainability & eco-conscious living into her mission of Basic Shop was a must!

Andrea strongly believes in putting more responsibility on the company versus the consumer, making it easier to lessen the impact we have on this planet.

"People will always want to buy things. We need to offer them simple, natural ingredients & products that don't compromise on aesthetics - that's Basic Shop."

Shop Andrea's sustainable sophistication Saturday, April 15th from 11 'til 6 p.m. & Sunday, April 16th from 11 'til 4 p.m. & see some of her amazing items HERE!

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